This photographic presentation contains works of art featuring material seduction.

Our sense of taste is irritated by anything that is excessive: too much light, deafening noise and over-elaborate, tasteless dishes...
If you look at these works of art, you will see a dialogue of red and yellow harmoniously balanced with inflections of blue in a modern, metropolitan attitude. All these works are enclosed in surreal atmospheres; each one conveys a message that is refined and yet strong and images of places and events that encompass the past, present and future are expressed.
No one is able to distinguish what is “beautiful” from what is not and anyone who has tried has failed miserably.
Human reason does not possess the objective means of defining these supreme categories.
Logic is not our only means of knowledge. We understand that something is beautiful even if we cannot explain why and we are able to perceive the true sense of these works of art in the same way

"go beyond the world ... this is art"

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